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Monday, 24 June 2013

Palmistry, tarot card reading or crystal ball readings, most people are sceptical when it comes to theses. Many people fear them, they believe anyone who can channel the "other side" are communication with evil forces. They believe that being able to see the dead or predict the future is the work of the devil, that you are a witch weaving your evil spells over the unsuspecting crowd.

I'm not the type of person that easily dismisses the possibility that maybe they do have some accuracy with their "gifts". I'm not saying I believe everything they say, but some of it makes sense. This weekend a friend and I decided to be brave and get our fortunes told. I went in with an open mind but I was still a bit sceptical, I mean come on who isn't right?

The atmosphere was relaxing, the decor was very Moroccan/ East Indian, so it was a typical setting for a reading. My friend went first for hers while I sat patiently on the soft sofa waiting for my turn. Let me tell you I was a ball of nerves, my heart rate was frantic and I kept fidgeting,  I couldn't seem to sit still. When my friend finally came back out I looked at her and asked her how it went, she said not back but then again they lady was right behind her so not much she could say right hahha.

Entering the little hollow of curtains that was sealing me off from the rest of the place, I nervously sat in the chair and placed my hands in my lap so I could keep them from shaking. Looking at the pale long black haired lady in front of me I thought to myself , she has that air about her and her looks definitely match what I think of a fortune teller. Piercing me with her gaze she says to me to make three pills with the cards, ever so slowly I move my hands to divide the deck and place them on the table.

Picking up the different piles she began to places them on the table, while having this far off look to her. I just sat in total silence watching her, after she placed the last one, she ran her hands over them. My breath caught as I waiting for her to speak. Looking at me she began to tell me what she foretold. I sat there without moving the entire time, smiling or nodding when she looked at me. It was honestly scary how spot on she could be at times. Regardless if I believe everything she said, she had so many valid point. I guess hearing your owe fears and your demons thrown at you by a total stranger is sorta comforting.

In a lot of ways she gave me a sense of hope, I've been fighting so much shit lately that hearing that some of my biggest fears will turn out fine gives me a lot of hope and makes me want to really achieve it.  Like I told my friend, I've seen and experienced to much of the unknown to not believe in this sort of thing. I believe there are things our there that we can't explain, and honestly I don't think we are meant to understand everything. We are here to learn and grow and to have an open mind about all possibilities  no matter how far fetched they seem :)



Bookish Girl said...

I hope it will really work for you hun :)


Megan Elliott said...

thank you love