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Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Published: July25th, 2013
Author: Bailey Ardisone
Series: Sweet #2
Book Blurb:
Sometimes the hardest war to fight is the one raging within yourself…

Life will never be the same for Nariella Woodlinn. Just when she thought she had it all figured out, her world comes crumbling down around her-yet again. With no idea who she is or even where she came from, how can she save herself?
She once thought her biggest problems were the ones brought on by the mysterious man she refused to fall in love with—Mycah. But she quickly discovers none of that compares to what she is about to encounter next.
This time, it isn’t because of who Mycah is.
This time, it’s because of who she is.
Naminé risked everything to save her people. Her goal was to bring their only hope back to their Kingdom. As the war rages on around her, Naminé gets thrown into the lion’s den—the false King’s chambers. Can she fool a King who can’t be deceived on his playing field? Forced to do his bidding, can she prevent the downfall of the only hope she worked so hard to bring home? Will she be able to escape with her life and mind intact?

With everyone’s world falling apart and deceit around every corner…can any of them truly Escape?
*Dramatic sigh* I don't even know where to begin with this book, but this picture might help you understand how I felt after reading this book :p.
*Review may or may not contain spoilers read with caution*
I truly loved the first book but holy man it's got nothing on this bad boy. Bailey definitely knows how to play with her readers emotions. I stayed up late to be able to buy this book the moment it went live on Amazon, that's how badly I wanted it. Little did I know that the moment I started reading I would ball my eyes out.

The first few pages reminded me of P.S I Love You when Holly kept calling Gerry's phone just to hear his voices *tears up again* it was honestly breaking my heart *wipes tears*. My heart kept breaking for many chapters and I kept thinking it just wouldn't end.

I kept pushing through the book, I knew something happy was bound to happen eventually and guess what?? it did!! Of course Bailey didn't want to make it that easy for us though before she flip our world upside down all over again. But at least for a little while I was all like.
I kept pushing on thought because there had to be silver lining somewhere right? I felt so bad for Nari, all the pain that poor girl was going through and then to find out she's not what she always thought she was *shakes head* I don't know how she even held herself together. I was so very happy when she found her boys:). But as I previously stated that happiness didn't last long *tears up* poor Mycah was just snatched away from her. The only upside to Mycah being taken was that we got to have more time with Rydan *swoons* I swear I don't think it's possible to have "too much" Rydan, he's just brilliant.
Watching his growth throughout the novel was breathtaking, yes he completely angered me and made cry at the beginning but how could I not forgive him it's Ry :) He's crazily protective, kind, sarcastic umm did I mention sexy as hell ;) I mean he's the total package. There will be this one scene between him and Naminé just hot damn *fans self* I think that was my favorite scene in the book.
As I kept reading the plot thickened, it got completely out of hand, I was shocked over and over again. My nerves were shot, my stomach was in knots, I just wanted to get to the end to see what was going to happen. I swear my eyes got super glued to the pages. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, it was just too gripping and exhilarating.
The biggest pot changer will completely enrage you and you won't be able to believe what you are reading! It will be one of those moments when you're like no it can not be true or please say it isn't so. So many times I wanted to jump in the book and be like I just don't understand.
Your heart will be in utter turmoil until the very end, I know mine was anyways, I felt betrayed by my favourite character in the novel :(. I didn't think I could handle much more of the craziness that was going on, but OMG!!!!! the end, the end was just so bloody brilliant, I was speechless, I knew that not all was as it appeared to be but still I was so blown away. I was crazy happy when things finally settled for everyone especially poor sweet Nari, I wanted to do a happy dance because it was just brilliant.
Bailey truly out did herself with this one, it was spectacular, the emotions that she played out you felt them as if they were your own. The character growth was beautifully written, Nari's growth was the most profound, she really came into herself, she still has along way to go and a lot to deal with now but I have no doubt if anyone could do it it's her, she's completely badass. Ry's true colours radiated in this novel, it was beautiful to see. Naminé grew into herself slowly but it was still lovely to see. As for my dear Mycah *shakes head* he's the one that surprised me the most, you truly saw the lengths he would go for the people he loves, sacrificing he's heart for the greater good is so very like him, he still upset me for a good portion of the book but you will discover why on your own.
Overall this book was breathtaking, exceptional, vibrant and gut wrenching. As much as I loved the first one, I must say I loved this one a little bit more :) it was just too grippingly torturous. Her description of the other world is truly captivating, you are able to shut your eyes and picture the scene on the page as if you were truly standing there. As I've said if you are a fan of Lord Of The Rings then this series is something you should really consider reading!
I give this book five stars, wish I could give it more because it deserves so much more for the exuberance of it all.
FYI the end will have you saying this ;)
So happy reading!!!

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Bailey Ardisone said...

LOVE this review, Megan!! I am so very honored for all the things you said, and you have given me the BIGGEST compliment one can get! *tackle hugs you*

Megan Elliott said...

Aww you're welcome Bailey <3 I meant every word of it!! Your books are truly spectacular *tackle hugs you back*