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Monday, 15 April 2013
I know this may sound really stupid and crazy to some people but I really don't care. Ever since I started reading books I've had a deeper appreciation for the authors and all the hard work that's put into making such great novels. Only recently have I truly discovered what authors really go through and there is no way I could ever do it :/ they are brave I swear. Being attacked because someone doesn't like your book and having to rewrite and do things that you know people will cry because its heart wrenching. There is no way I could kill off or say goodbye to a character that I spent so much time on. I get to attached to books and characters as it is so no way could I handle that lol. But enough about this , my whole purpose for this post is to thank some of the most amazing authors friends I have made :)

Dear Elise,

You are by far one of the funniest/perverted person I know lol but I love ever second of it. On top of that you are strong willed, open minded, determined and a bad ass with a caring heart! You are always there for the people you care about even if they are only tweeter peeps like Jazzy and I. I'm very lucky to know you and have you as a friend. I am also very luck to have had the opportunity to read your books( I will read two soon promise) they are fantastic. You have a bucket load of talent :). You are amazing and everyone is a little bit better just for having the privilege to know you!

Dear Helen,

You are so sweet and modest it's crazy( so going to have to change that one soon). You have so much talent its scary. You were the first author that I really ever got to talk to and right away I felt like I could tell you anything because of the person you are. You are bright, caring, spunky at times lol. You care deeply about people and that's a wonderful gift to have because not many people care about others anymore. I completely fell in love with your book and I'm dying to read number two but you already know that lol. You are a wonderful person inside and out no matter what anyone says. You have this inner strength about you that you may not even notice.

You ladies are the most epic people I know and I'm very lucky to know both of you. My life has been made better because of it that's for sure :). I think any book nerd would be happy to have friends who are authors, it's a dream come true for us :) Keep on rocking you two love you both xoxo <3

 Your characters are awesome and crazy, in the book and on twitter haha


Elise Valente said...

Ugh, why you wanna make me cry? LOL ;) LOVE YOU!

Megan Elliott said...

Of course I don't want to make you cry ^_^ love you xo

Helen said...

Joining the cry-fest. Thank you, and love you! It's all worth it, you know. :)

Megan Elliott said...

No crying!! *starts crying* and I'm sure it is ^_^ love you too