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Thursday, 10 March 2011
People out there do you not agree that music is the best thing in the world..seriously if music had not been invented the world would be a miserable place to live in...I love music it's my life, it really is if I could have a job in music I so would be on that shit lol. I love all kinds of music out there i swear if you could see my Ipod you'd me like Megan WTF haha. I have music from all over the world on it, India, japan, Bosnia,Chile you name it i probably have it on there, what can I say I like variety :p I"m open to pretty much anything anyone thinks sounds good, punk,rock, rap, country you name it and I'll listen and see what I like...right now I'm listening to songs from Burlesque hahah ya I like musical they are catchy sometime I can't help it. Music just makes me happy when I'm feeling sad or angry. Lady GaGa usually does the trick, she's my girl XD I'd so love to meet her one day that be so kick ass i tell ya :P Music is the way to ones soul, I'm my case that is true...