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Saturday, 12 March 2011
Ahh i remember the good old days when we where kids and we didn't have to worry about anything. Boys where yucky and life was what you wanted it to be.. I remembered the day my mom told me we where moving out of Ontario to go to Winnipeg, i was so sad that i couldn't even bring my self to go to school my last day there, which i still regret cuz i never got to say bye to my friends :(..For many years i was home sick and missed my friends to this day i still hate Winnipeg and wish i was back in Ontario..When I started school i was treated like the out cast right from the start no one wanted to talk to me i was the new kid the loner the one that everyone ignored..but that changed the day i went to my grandparents and saw a group of kids playing soccer out side, that was the day things started getting better for me here i met my bestfriend who I've know for 11 years. I got up the courage to go yup to them and asked if i could join them and they let me :)..i was so terrible at soccer at the time that every time i kicked the stupid ball it would always go in the wrong direction that i kept apologizing for it hahha..after playing for awhile they invited me in to get a drink and met their parents which i totally fell in love with lol they have become my second family i swear..The first time i met her dad he asked me if i wanted to marry hes oldest son lol who was so much younger then me heheh oh how i love them..her and i just instantly clicked..every weekend for that point on i would say i was going to sleep over and my grandparents but in all truth id take off and stay at her house :P, every summer it was the same thing, id crash over at there house and go to the beach with them or to Brandon, even most new years i spend it with them its a tradition...Her and i where crazy ass kids, the game we used to play, we had our own imaginary world where we came from, our owe boyfriends which where always anime boys lol mine bow my head in shame was Link from Zelda hahah oh god that's right he was the first love of my life what can i say i guess i had a thing for a man in tights and pointy ears hahhhahah XD. we would spend hours just lost in our fantasy world we created where all the bad stuff that happened to us didn't exist, it was our escape from the real world and what awaited us there..One day we would be getting married or the next day we would start a band everyday it was something new and exciting :)we where inseparable..we would dress up and be princesses or in my case a elf princes :P..We would go for walks to the park and explore the river side. ahahha i remember this one time in winter when i was about 10 and her 11 and we wanted to cross the river and made her brothers go ahead with a stick to see if it was safe ahahha we where so mean to them cuz really it could have been us that should have went cuz they were little kids at the time :P Her and I are still friends today no matter how many fights me and her have gotten in we still have each others back..We could stop talking for months or fight over a stupid boy but we would always fix it in the end..She is my oldest friend the first person in Winnipeg to accept me and be my friend when no one else wanted to..She is my sister, one of the best things to happen to my life...I can never thank her enough for all she has done for me..I'm so glad Ive met her and I'm so glad she is my friend i don't know how things would have turned out for me if i never met her :) She is a true friend... We have done so many stupid things in life together but we accept each other no matter what...Love you always my sister from another mother :p