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Friday, 18 March 2011
Man last night was so funny and interesting :P Me and my girl took off by 8:00pm to go to Dylan's, thank god when we got there, there wasn't a line cuz fuck we were freezing. Dylan's was interesting it was the first time I've ever been there so ya. When you go in it looks more like a club then a pub which was kindda disappointed not going to lie. It didn't feel Irish like my regular place does. The booze was way more expensive there then it is at Shannon's so that suck and then they ran out of my drink :(. The best part of that place tho is that it was way bigger and holy shit all the good looking guys in Winnipeg are hiding there and most of the people that where there where dressed pretty out there like me so i didn't feel like such a dork hahah:P. The music sadly suck so it wasn't the best place to go. Me and my friend so sat in the wrong place at the beginning cuz hahahaha there were these drunk girls that decided to move a tree out of their way and while they tried to do that while being drunk dropped in on me and her hahah ya that's right we got attacked by a tree in a pub :p A few guys commented on my hair lol and hit on me which is so weird why the hell is it if I wear a wig and a green one at that I get hit on go figure makes no sense to me. After a while we got bored there so we took of to the Tavern across the street, that is when the entertainment started XD. We got in free of charge which was AWESOME! It was so packed tho but we managed to find a table so that was good. I had my last drink of the night so ya. We didn't stay too long there either cuz us being lame asses started to get tired so when got out of the Tavern which btw is attached to Canad Inns so we went to the lobby to call a taxi. When we were waiting for them to pick us up there was a bunch of guys just standing around waiting for their own taxi. This Asian guy from the group comes up to us and says "hey i love your hair its awesome and your crown in super cute" :p. It was super funny me and Megz couldn't stop laughing. While we wait one of his friends opened the door to ask us if we thought he was a smooth operator hahahah or a bit of a creeper. We said no to the first question and a little bit to the second one :P after he left us alone we saw a cab coming so we rushed outside and almost fell on our butts hahah so not fun. But when we got to it it took off cuz some retard from the pub scared him off so not impressed fuck. Went back inside and the guys started talking to us again haha they were awesome so made our night. They where like is that your real hair and kept touching it and asking me a bunch of questions lol they where so fucken funny :P pure entertainment......oh boys i tell ya when they are drunk XD.....