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Wednesday, 9 March 2011
Love is probably the most complicated thing out there, it's hell on wheels lol. You never know whats going to happen next what direction its going to take you or where you will end up in the end. Every last person in this god forsaken world is trying to figure out exactly what the word means cuz hey everyone has there own opinion when it comes to the word right?. To me love is one of the best feeling in the world but also the scariest one at the same time. Its so hard to trust people now days and to know when your really in love. Me I am in love but the real question is, is the person I'm in love with really love me back? or are they just saying the word cuz they think its what I wanna hear? that is the biggest question of all. Can you always trust that the person who say these four letter word to you really means it...hmmm dang don't you just wish sometimes you can get into the mind of a guy and see what he's really day maybe ladies we will be lucky and will be able too :P. Anyone who is brave enough to put them selves out there and just open up to the people they love are amazing :). No one should be afraid of love and just going for it no matter how scary it may seem or when people do not agree with the person your picking the only thing i can say is that life is short live everyday like its the last, just be wary of the ones you think love you back , but no matter what you will get hurt but hey its a part of life it will only make you grow stronger and love more :)