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Monday, 21 March 2011
People always tell me when you love someone you just know, you feel it in the core of your being, but sadly sometimes you fall in love with the wrong people. The people who you know with dick around with your feeling cuz it makes them feel more like a man. And stupid me I am one oh those people who gave their heart to the wrong person. This guy was someone who I thought was amazing and troubled and I wanted to give him another change to make me believed he changed but boy was I wrong. He haddent changed at all he just changed his game play, told me everything I wanted to hear cuz he knew he was my weakness. I fought with my friends and my mother over him. I told him my deepest secret that I've been holding on for like 13 years but i trusted him enough to tell him. He knew how i felt about him he knew i was in love with him and he knew why i am the way I am when it comes to guys. So for him to do this to me again and expect me to stay his friend are you fucken kidding me like wtf shit head. You told me you loved and that you wanted to live with me and have a future with me then I find out you're in love with another girl like WTF and a girl who happened to be you Ex Fiances friend like whats wrong with you. She didn't want you cuz she was taken and that's why you went for me I was her replacement. But cuz i was throwing shit in you face over and over again you went after someone new who now you say you love. Fuck you Buddy you love every fucken girl you meet. You really don't know what the meaning of love is, you are stone cold and heartless...I was a fool to give you my heart again cuz i knew what you'd do with it. You always say things are different and that things will get better but they never will with you. You think you are gods gift to women or something but your not. Because you've been hurt in the past you think its ok to hurt girls cuz of it. Living that way wont get you anywhere in life you can think I'm nuts or on something but i really don't care what you think of me. I took my heart back from you and dusted it off and put it back where it belongs. I may hurt for a bit but you will never ever see another tear come from my eyes cuz of you cuz i didn't lose anything, you lost someone who really cared about you with everything they had and you throw it away so that's your problem. You want to be an asshole then go right a head. We could have been friends if you would have been up from and honest about things but you weren't so GO FUCK YOUR SELF YOU SELFISH SON OF A will never know what its like to love someone....I know that this one isnt the last cuz you will move on when things get bad and end up cheating on her too cuz thats how you are one girl is never good enough for you and it never will be. Once a player always a player. So have fun with your life......