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Sunday, 27 March 2011
so whats new with me lately well lets see...hmmmm well this week i went to the Titanic exhibition which was AMAZING, i so loved it. It so made me in the mood to watch the movie though. Honestly I shouldn't have been allowed in the gift shop cuz i spent a little too much money ooops :P. I also went with my bestie to the mall and took funny pics in the photo booth teheheheh so priceless. We are crazy ass girls i tell ya always snapping pics :p. So glad to have her in my life to keep me going and smiling :). Then the next day me and her when to her friends place to get our piercings lol so entertaining i tell ya. I so made her good first :p im so bad but hey they are her friends so ya..when she was finally done i got my second hole in my ears done which wasnt so bad except for my right ear, that one hurt a bit more and now its itchy as all hell ugh. Then I was brave enough to get my nose done again and boy did i swear this time around cuz it hurt like a bitch, plus it didnt help that she had to clamp my nose so she could get the needle through. Now though my nose doesnt hurt it does feel numb though weird...oh well...i think thats pretty much it life hasnt changed all the much, just waiting to see what going to happen about my trip either T.O still or maybe New York City..who knows just waiting.......