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Tuesday, 15 March 2011
So this morning was pretty awesome i must say :). I woke up at five started to get ready for work and checked facebook like i do every morning (lame yes) but now has become routine hhaha. The i saw who was on and i got excited to totally logged on to msn haha even tho i was supposed to be getting ready for work oh well :P. I had a great conversation with that person lol so made my day it was the best, i so didnt want to get off and go to work but seeing as i wasn't really paying attention to the time i was running behind to leave for work ooops my bad :p so i had to rush out the door thank god i only live ten minutes away from work so i wasn't that late..Ugh but when i got to i had so much crap to do and it sucked..oh well right i suck it up everyday and deal...but my bestie totally made my day better by telling me that her friend got her nose piercing kit in so now i can get my nose redone WOOHOO and at the same time my second hole on my ear done too, im so excited teheheh :D. When and ran some errands after work stopped at Chapters before going home and bought Water for Elephants which i heard is good so i thought id give it a read even tho i still got a million of other books to finish heheheh. I such a book nerd i swear im surprised i came out with only one book today and surprised i didn't drop by HMV lol but i will be doing that tomorrow tho with my bestie gotta see whats new there. I love that store i swear. After doing that and getting some food to eat i headed home and played with my puppy and talked to him again and it went really good tonight i think I'm starting to feel better about things kinda, I'm just trying not to pin all my hope on things to much cuz i know I'll get hurt bad if i do so ya.. that is all really...