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Wednesday, 9 March 2011
maybe people should take their own advice sometimes like really. It pisses me off cuz I really love this guy and Ugh are you kidding me some people have some nerve to say they love you but never effing show it. Like really when you love someone like you say you do all you see is them you don't say " hey guess what I'm in love with someone else besides you, just so you know, but don't worry cuz I love you more" are you kidding is anyone supposed to believe that especially when you go around fricking writing about the "other one" but never about the "one you love more". What saying I love you everyday is supposed to make things better well guess what buddy it doesn't and it frustrates me that they don't even understand why your so pissed at them especially if you guys had a shitty history in the past. Like come on, do I have a sign on my face that says " HEY BOYS SHES EASY SO FUCK WITH HER HEART K". And what makes me more angry is when they have the nerve to preach to other guys about being a better boyfriend cuz its like ummm excuse  me but have you taken a good look in the mirror lately and seen you..umm ya i don't think so. Having the balls to  say how if you hurt your girlfriend and she wants to talk cuz shes hurting inside stop what ever your doing to see if you can fix things...mmmhmm coming from you who was always like " sorry I'm watching a movie right now, or i have no where to go to talk" ya mmmhmm  it sucks cuz im scared he doesn't mean them " I love yous and the I miss yous" im scared im being played as a fool again and that hes really going to hurt me and it sucks cuz he means so much to me ugh stupid guys ugh............