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Thursday, 10 March 2011
I'm so thankful everyday for the friends that i have in my life, whether they are new or old time friends. I don't know where I'd be in this world right now if it weren't for these special people. I love them all, they are all different but each have an important role to play in my life. I love you guys, thanks for always being there when I need advice or a shoulder to cry on when i was having a bad day. I will never say that I've been a perfect friend cuz heck i haven't been and I'm surprised that you guys stood by me no matter what was going on or if we got into fights and stopped talking for awhile. you guys are my hero's, boys may come and go in my life but you guys will always be there no matter what:). i just hope i can keep being a good friend and deserve to have you in my life...thank you so much, i know Ive fucked up in the past but i will do better from now on, i will always be there for you guys even if we ever stopped talking or if we moved away for each other..I do miss some of my old friendships sadly, maybe one day things can be fix and we will have grown up enough to work on things who knows right? So thanks, Z,M,S,S..<3