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Wednesday, 16 March 2011
Oh boy, I shouldn't be allowed to talk about things at work with Megz hahah. Telling her about my last trip to T.O but my face just went super red ugh it was crazy. Of course then I had a stupid goofy grin on my face until the end of my shift. Thanks girl geez hahahah. Now im really looking forward to going this summer, should be lots of fun, way more this time around seeing as im going with a friend wooohoo. First trip away from Winnipeg with one.....SO EXCITED HEHEHHEHEHEH. I so want it to be July right now fuck :P. Get to chill with my Bestie and go exploring :, maybe see Sam if i go early enough. Pretty pumped tho if I can cuz I think it be awesome :) id love to meet her hheheheh. And to spend time with someone else and maybe see my uncle if he isn't too busy with work that is...