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Wednesday, 30 March 2011
So i've been super unlucky for the last past couple of weeks which totally suck i might add :(. I keep dropping shit, i feel empty inside, work is being a total bitch ( whats new hahah). But then tehehe i finally got some good luck, my friend Krystal decided she'd go with me to the circus which im super excited!!!!! cuz ive never been ( crazy i know)...Then i went to the Forks ( an old train station that now has restaurant and shops, its the best place in Winnipeg) and visited my Chinese store cuz i always do i go say hi to the lady that owns the store and shows me whats new. They had this pretty new yellow jade dragon necklace that i fell in love with but sadly was $50.00 :(. But the lady said to me " you always come shop here and even when you dont you at least stop by and ask me how I am, you are a valued customer so im going to give it to you for $35.00" I was like "NO WAY" that was super sweet i love her to pieces shes so nice :). After that i found new plugs :) cheetah print teheheh super hot grrr :p. That was the best part of my week, but my ear is still killing me i think i might have to change the earring cuz i think my ear is rejecting this one :( stupid ear how i hate you .......Im really hope tomorrow i get good news at my ortho about my braces, i hope i get them off my b-day cuz that be the best b-day gift ever...well there would be a way better gift if something else happened but it aint so i'll take my braces getting off :p maybe then i can attract a guy lol someone who doesnt find me too old '_'...