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Sunday, 25 January 2015
We all have a list of famous people we would love to meet but in reality we probably will never meet. It's always a nice fantasy to think about what it would be like to meet one of them. My list is always constantly changing day to day haha I'm sure I'm not the only one. To me famous is a vague word, so many indie authors whom are not that well know are famous to me because they have impacted me in some was shape or form.

On October of 2013 I got to meet one of my favorite authors of all time, she may not be well known to a lot of people but I adore her and her books. I was so nervous that I literally dropped all the books I brought to sign, it was rather embarrassing but I had a good laugh at my expense.
(Abbi & I  in Toronto)
On March of 2014 I got to meet the amazing people whom made my childhood so fantastic, they helped shape my imagination and shelter me from all the problems I dealt with on a day to day basis. These amazing people to me are by far the coolest people I've had the pleasure of meet. Anime has and will always be a big part of my life and Sailor Moon was one of my most influential ones out there for girls. I was so nervous too meet them I had to walk around the vendors a few times before I had the courage to go up to meet them.
(Lind, Me & Toby aka Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask)
(Jessica, Katie aka Sailor Mars & I)
(Jessica, Susan aka Sailor Jupiter & I)
In 2014 I went to comic con and I had the pleasure of meet some of the Dwarves from The Hobbit, I love The Hobbit and LOTR but I wasn't as excited to meet them, I went up to them got their autographs for a friend and that was all, I guess they haven't impacted me as much as I thought they had.
On January 18th 2015 I had the great pleasure of meeting Randy from Say Yes To The Dress, I honestly love that show so much and adore him on it. A few girl from work came with me to the Wonderful Wedding Show to meet him and it was not a disappointment. He's just as sassy,amazing and flamboyant in person as he is on tv. He's so sweet too, I was honestly shaking when I got to meet him.
( Rae, Randy, Me & Courtenay)
It only goes to show you that famous to you may be different to someone else, to me you don't have to be well known or a movies start to mean something to me.