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Thursday, 10 March 2011
I wouldn't say I'm normal or abnormal lol I'm in the middle of the two. most girls my age would love to go out and party and have a crap load of sex with as many guys as they could get there hands on but me nah. I'll take a trip to liquor mart with a friend and buy some booze and watch some stupid cheesy romance movie and cry over the fact we have no one hahah.. most girls i know love shoes especially high heels and boots..but me I'm all about the converse. god they are my lovers hahah i love those shoes i swear i could have ten million pairs in my closet and i still wouldn't have enough:P..I'm a dork who loves to just stay at home and read a good book and listen to a sad movie and cry my self senseless hahaha...I'm all about spending time with a friend going for a walk when its not freezing out or go to the moves and just chill. i love playing video games and anime, vampire shit and fallen ya I'm a dork or a nerd what ever you wanna call it lol i was born this way baby and i love who i am, I'm crazy but i love it, it keeps people on their

toes teheheh.