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Thursday, 10 March 2011
Man today is one of those day where you wish the week was already over...I woke up for five this morning and almost fell out of my bed ya i'm not a very graceful person ever, i tend to walk into things alot or trip over my own two feet but anyways :P getting back to my day hehehe, i finally managed to dang my lazy ass out of bed and make it to the shower with out falling which was good cuz I'm so not stable today. I swear today one side of my body feels heavier then the other cuz i keep tipping over so not good when you have to climb up on ladders at work..But thank god cuz i was feeling like shit my boss let me go home earlier woohoo now i can blog..hmm maybe I'm getting too addicted to this hahha its my new drug :P On my way home i stopped by subway to get some food cuz i was finally getting hungry and i got to see my subway guy lol god i love him he's awesome, so hoping he does come out with my and my friend for st. Patrick's day cuz then I'd be a blast tehehehe:P I haven't seen him in was a little over a month :( so happy he's back to day shift so now i have someone to talk to again next door woohoo XD