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Saturday, 12 March 2011
I was just sitting at home today playing with my dog when my phone buzzed. My bestie sent me a text saying she need to talk..what she told me totally pissed me off. This stupid douche shes been seeing sorta asked her friend to be his fwb likw WTF, seriously can i just kick he's ass cuz i really want to..I don't understand guy they are never happy with what they have its like they need to have multiple girls going after them to boost their confidence or some shit. I can't talk cuz i keep liking guys that have self esteem ugh come on if we like you it's because we think your perfect the way you are and don't want you to change but sadly they just don't get that and then fuck up and cheat..then they realise after they fucked up but by that time its too late in most cases. Guys always say they know what they want but its not true. Like a guy i work with he says he doesn't like me but i don't buy it, he's always fluster when I'm around him, talks way too fast and cant remember words so mmhmm ya you so don't like me ok then...Why cant guys just make up their minds about what they want in life...its an easy answer either you want us or you don't. you cant have things two ways..sorry it doesn't work that way...