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Sunday, 20 May 2012
I've never really been one to think about cancer or someone close to me dying but it has always been at the back of my mind..A few weeks ago one of my oldest and dearest friends told me news that will forever change her life.Her mother whom she is every close to and loves dearly found a lump in her breast and the doctors discovered that it was cancerous. She had went for many test and had to wait weeks for the results, which i think is retarded for something this horrible our health care system should be alot fast and more sufficient..It infuriates me to see it neglect the people who need the most attention ugh. After waiting weeks they found out it's pretty bad, she has stage 3 cancer :(, she just recently started chemotherapy which is making her vary sick and unable to eat much, she will have to go for surgery and get her breast removed. I honestly don't know how my friend can handle all of this the way she is, she amazes me. She told me that shes just trying to stay positive and try to keep up faith that it will get better. At ever possible chance I get that she needs me, even for just shopping, i'm there in a heart beat. I've been trying to keep her distracted and keep her mind on other things but i just wish there was more I could do for them. As long as she needs me i'll be there to help her in anyway I can because I hate seeing her go through this..:( I keep hoping and praying( even though i'm not the most religious person out there) that her mom will get better and make it through this..I pray that one day cancer will never be an issue in this world.


everyone.can.feel said...

You're a great friend Sweetie, I know it isn't easy, and knowing you have friends and family help make it easier! <3

HellFire said...

thanks hun that means a lot.I know it helps to have people there for you but still you know it sucks.