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Monday, 26 March 2012
So I've had a very interesting two weeks, i swear I've barely been home, been dragged out with friends to do so many things from parties, to shopping for 80"s theme clothing lol I'm about ready to pass out :P. But the most interesting thing about this week is i had a DATE yes people i said me,i had a date :P. We went the Forks for a walk and shit lol, he's a nice guy but i don't know, I'm actually enjoying my single life, no worries about being there for someone its kind of freeing not gonna lie, but my friends keep telling me to get out there and date but to me its like why? I'm not one of those girls that need a man in her life but they don't seem to get it ugh of well lol. The crazy thing is for the longest time I've been saying shit like ugh i want to kiss someone and hold and just be held but boy now that it happened I'm like meh hahahah. We made out and i felt nothing at all, i don't know if it was because of nerves or just no spark.....But he was lovely enough to inform me that oh he did feel something that day lol if you get what i mean lol. My friend is all like take it as a complement that you made a guy hard just from kiss him hahahahah. I swear i've heard the best lines ever from guys, from "I'd prefer you didn't break up with me" to " your attractive enough" to the latest one " your hips were mesmerising me, and you're an epic kisser a very sensual girl" hahah oh boy guys amuse me :P