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Tuesday, 18 December 2012
Gun control in the states has to change, after all the monstrosity that's happened in that country. I was shocked to find out that since there has been talk about forcing more control on assault rifles, the demand and the percentage of sales have double since the shooting in Newtown. I just can't understand WHY on earth you need a stupid ass assault rifle in your house or anywhere for that matter. To me the only people that should have guns on them are police officers and army men. Watching Piers Morgan tonight had had to fully agree with him, something needs to be done, if you look at anywhere else in the world that have more control on weapons they have less mass murders by guns. The gun control council Mr.Pratt thinks that there should be more gun, that teachers should be trained and armed like are you a f****** RETARD how is that supposed to help!!!!! What ever happened to learning how to defend your self without the help of a weapon?? I wish this world would change and maybe revert back a bit to the earlier years.