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Saturday, 11 May 2013
This post is dedicated to two of my very favourite book boys, from the very fantastic book called Mythology by the ever talented Helen Boswell.

Micah Condie

*sigh*  what isn't there to love about Micah I mean its Micah :p. He's handsome, caring, sweet with a bit of a dark side to him ;) no pun intended. He's tall, blue eyed with tousled blond hair, he drives a motorcycle (yum factor right there) and something else that is divine about this beautiful soul is the fact that he can fly :O wicked right!! I mean who doesn't want a guy who is sexy as hell and can fly, can save you money on gas hahah. Not only is he pretty alluring on the pages but he's very entertaining on twitter. He's such a sweetheart on there you cant help but love him :), I think I'm the only girl who hasn't fallen madly in love with him thanks to his charms :p He's a good sport about it though :) he has a big enough fan base without me, after all it be weird if his BFF liked him that way :p

Jonathan Draper

*swoons and faints* Oh Jonathan *sigh* there are no words to even express how wonderful I think he is. The phrase tall dark and handsome completely suits him. He's slightly shorter then Micah but not by much. He has jet black hair with brown eyes that do this very weird flame dance when he's using his gift on you. He's very regal and old fashion which is one of the things I love most about him not to mention he's French ;) (yummy). His sense of humour is just epic lol you can truly tell he's otherworldly because of it. He's young in body but old and wise in mind. He's very proper with the way he addresses people and with the way he dresses, which is typically a suite and tie that is normally black. He's a wonderful soul but keeps mostly to him self, we don't get to discover much about him in book one. He has this magnetism I find that draws you to him, It could be do to the fact you know he's a mystery,that you wish to unravel or because he's good but with this darkness that surrounds him which intrigues you (good guy/bad guy complex lol ). I think the biggest reason I love him so much is because he is such a mystery and honestly when he first appeared on the pages I was already drawn to him and wanted to know who and what he was.

If you haven't already read Mythology by Helen Boswell then I suggest that you get on it!! Fall in love with these two and discover what team you are on...Team Micah or Team Jonathan..That is the biggest question of all!

You can follow Helen on twitter: @HelenBozz
You can follow Micah on twitter: @MicahCondie

Do to some book issues Jonathan isn't currently on twitter but he shall return soon ^_^ I shall keep you all posted.

But in the mean time you should read it NOW!!! here's the link to amazon to buy the book

Also if you want to know more about these book characters or other awesome books then you should follow my friend Jazzy's and I blog at