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Sunday, 3 November 2013
Published: May 1st 2012
Author: Rebecca Serle
What's in a name, Shakespeare? I'll tell you: Everything. Rosaline knows that she and Rob are destined to be together. Rose has been waiting for years for Rob to kiss her and when he finally does, it's perfect. But then Juliet moves back to town. Juliet, who used to be Rose's best friend. Juliet, who now inexplicably hates her. Juliet, who is gorgeous, vindictive, and a little bit crazy...and who has set her sights on Rob. He doesn't even stand a chance. Rose is devastated over losing Rob to Juliet. This is not how the story was supposed to go. And when rumors start swirling about Juliet's instability, her neediness, and her threats of suicide, Rose starts to fear not only for Rob's heart, but also for his life. Because Shakespeare may have gotten the story wrong, but we all still know how it ends..
I picked up this book with little to no expectations on how it was going to be like, plus it was free :p. I've always been in love with their story of Romeo and Juliet, their tragic love. It's one of Shakespeare's more famous plays. Some people may think their love was foolish and absurd, I think it was more romantic and heartfelt.
This book wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, in fact it was better. I loved how each chapter was a scene, it was almost like reading a play. I loved seeing a different side to an old tale, we all know it but was there ever more to it? This spin off was exactly the thing a Romeo and Juliet fan would dive into.
Rosaline is your average teenage girl who has her whole life planned, from what collage she will attend to, straight down to the man she will end up with. Her friends are average, yet add a sense of flare to the story. I love Charlie and Olivia for different reasons, they may seem ditsy or self-centred on some occasions but in reality they care very deeply for the ones they love.
As for Rob aka Romeo *sigh* it's sad to say I know how the story goes but I still held on to a little bit of hope that maybe the story would change for Rosaline's sake. He's what you would call the perfect guy, popular yet not conceited, everyone loves him. He's your typical boy next door with this charm about him. I swear my heart did a flip when things seemed to be going right for her and Rob *shakes head* but of course I was being naïve it's not called Romeo and Rosaline now is it!
Yes some of the story I found of bit dry but that's all so because I was becoming impatient and wanted to know what was going to happen. Half way through the book it  took a turn and my heart was racing, I wanted to reach through the book and hug Rose and make her feel better. I wanted to punch Rob out and say if you ever truly cared for her you wouldn't have done what you did. As for Juliet I was not a fan of her at all. Snobby and fake, it's not until much later you see her behind her mask for the person she is, her pain, her fear, she lost and lonely and just wants someone to care for her.
In a way I don't completely blame her for stealing Rosie's man, I blame more the man for being careless with his best friends heart. Besides the main characters there was one character that stuck out to me, Len... He's the slacked, smart mouthed  guy, everyone looks at him like he's a joke yet when ever he pops up he makes the scene more intriguing. I quickly because a big fan of him and was hoping there was more to him, that he was going to have a bigger role in this story, and I was right. I won't go into details for what fun would that be If I ruined it for you ;) you'll just have to read and find out for yourself.
Once I reached 90% the book took the leap we all knew was going to happen but still it hit me all over again, not because it's the tragic love story I'm so used to but because it was told from Rosaline's side and her pain she was experiencing was heart breaking. So many things took place in a few chapters, it was a blur of pain, sorrow, guilt, reflection and happiness. I was thrown into a tidal wave of emotion, each new one was a new wave crashing over me.
I give this book five out of five stars, yes it may not have been accurate but it was still a wonderful story, I loved seeing it from another angle. It was a wonderful reading experience, I think Rebecca did an incredible job with this book. Don't judge this book until you have read it, I read many reviews about it some saying they liked it, others saying they thought it was a waste of time. I don't think it was. I rather enjoyed it. I' truly love the end of this book, at least for once it was all tragic. I makes you think twice about the meaning of life, that no matter what life may have a different plan for you, you shouldn't fear it but rather embraces it like a long lost friend.
Not your typical historical tragedy but still exuberant in it's own way.
Act 1 Scene 2
At this same ancient feast of Capulet's
Sups the fair Rosaline whom thou so lovest,
With all the admired beauties of Verona:
Go thither; and, with unattainted eye,
Compare her face with some that I shall show,
And I will make thee think thy swan a crow.

When the devout religion of mine eye
Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fires;
And these, who often drown'd could never die,
Transparent heretics, be burnt for liars!
One fairer than my love! the all-seeing sun
Ne'er saw her match since first the world begun