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Thursday, 7 August 2014
Clockwork body parts are touted as a medical miracle by the companies who make them, high fashion by the stars who sport them, and a lot of kids go through illegal surgeries. The sub-culture of Gearheads is full of kids with robotic body parts from poorly done surgery in less-than-sanitary conditions, and these are surgeries that don’t always take.

Blaze Tuesday is New York's most accomplished private investigator. A former police officer with a bone to pick with the corruption in the city, he's earned a name for himself as a guy who gets results, and who is willing to uphold the moral values so many others have forgotten, even if he has to break a few faces to do it.

Blaze is hired by Wayside Firms, one of the medical firms that produces the Clockwork, when a charity doctor who worked specifically with less-fortunate kids who have had botched illegal, is found murdered. As Blaze investigates the unfortunate death, he discovers a conspiracy that stretches from the lowest gutters in Hell’s Kitchen, to the highest corporate fat cats at the medical firms who create the Clockwork body parts.

Can Blaze get justice for the dead doctor, and bring some hope back to the kids in Hell's Kitchen who were counting on the Doctor's help? Or will he get caught up in the underworld of body modification and the big money it brings in?
Interview time!!!!!!!
So today I have the pleasure to have the beautifully talented Kai Kiriyama and her lovely character Blaze Tuesday here with me
Hello you guys please be seated wherever you'd like*getures to seats* well I'd like to thank the both of you for being here with me today. Now let's get to the needy giddy of things shall we *smiles*
So Kai I know that you had previously released Blaze Tuesday and the Case of The Knight Surgeon, what made you decide to re vamp and re release it? Was Blaze just being difficult as usual? Hahha
Blaze: I am not THAT difficult!
Kai: Yes, sweetie, you really are.
Blaze: Okay, but that’s got nothing to do with this!
Kai: No, that’s true. It wasn’t because of anything to do with Blaze. The book was previously released with a small press and I just wasn’t happy with the results. I pulled the book the first time and Blaze went to languish on the shelves for a year. When I finally pulled his story back off the shelf, I re-read it and realized that there was a lot of stuff missing that should have been in there, so I rewrote it.
Blaze: I’m very persuasive when I want to be.
Kai: Ugh, don’t remind me. You wouldn’t let me rest until I rewrote the book and started prepping to release it myself.
Blaze: And look at how well that worked out! It was worth the blood, sweat and tears.
Kai: Yeah, your blood, my tears.
Blaze [chuckles] No more shooting me on the blog.
Kai: No promises.
Now Blaze I know you well enough I think but could you please tell fellow readers what makes you and your story so brilliant and why they should pick it up?
Blaze: Oh, everyone should pick this book up because I am ruggedly handsome and smart, I’m a smooth ladies man with a hero-complex that just won’t quit, and I always get the badguy in the end.
Kai: Lies.
Blaze: You wrote me, sweetheart.
Kai: Would you please take this seriously?
Blaze: I’m not Sherlock Holmes. I have to walk myself through every step and I’m not exactly what you’d call a genius. I used to be a cop, I know when things aren’t right, and I hope that my story is accessible to everyone. I’m likable and weird and I do actually get the badguy in the end.
Kai: Okay, fine, I guess that’s acceptable.
*smiles* Kai my dear friend how would you descide Blaze? In the fewest words possible.
Kai: Blaze is a goody-two shoes with a heart of gold underneath a rough and tumble, and for his sake, handsome, exterior.
And Blaze how would you describe Kai? Or the relationship between the both of you?
Blaze: Kai is a cruel and harsh mistress who refuses to let me do what I want. Our relationship is disgustingly symbiotic because I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her, and antagonistic because she’s an evil mastermind.
*glares at Blaze* so mister what is your deal with Canada? Hmmm
Blaze: I love Canada. Kai is Canadian! I got no beef with you guys! Kai notwithstanding. Jeez, I thought you guys were polite and could take jokes.
Kai: We can’t. We’ll fight you. Hockey fight style.
Kai what do you want readers to take from your book? And what inspired you to write this story?
Blaze: I want them to come back for more.
Kai: This wasn’t a question for you, sweetie.
Blaze: Yeah, but, I want them to come back for more.
Kai: Hush. I’d very much like for my readers to walk away from the book feeling like they’re walking away from a friend, or a really good movie. That sort of sense of wonder that you get after seeing an action movie? That. I want them to feel a bit of a connection to Blaze, If I can inspire someone to do some good, or to really think critically about the charitable organizations  that they donate to, then even better! I’m not hoping to change the world…
Blaze: You’re not?
Kai: No, I’m not trying to change the world, but I wouldn’t mind it if I inspire a few people to think.
Blaze: And to pay you for your services and then come back for the sequel.
Kai: Ha! Yeah, that would be nice.
Blaze: There is gonna be a sequel right?
Kai: I’m working on it. Probably not until 2015 though.
Blaze: I can dig that.
Well I'd like to thank you both for stoping by today it was great fun *hugs Kai and Blaze*
Kai: Thank you for having us!
Blaze: Don’t forget that I appear on Kai’s blog in a serial every week. You can find the archive at… uh… Kai?
Kai: The archive for Blaze is and it’s always free to read online, and it does tie in to the first chapter, although it’s not necessary to read it to understand the novel.
Blaze: There you go. I hope that you’ll come say hi. Thank you for having us!
These two are definitely something else *laughs* but they are both fantastic, I hope you all pick up this book :)
 add it to your TBR list!! Goodreads
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