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Sunday, 8 June 2014
Author: Helen Boswell
Published: April 26th 2014
Series: Second Chances
When Alexis Lin heads to Sin City for the summer, she wants nothing more than to dive into the clubs, spas, and concerts – the benefits of her father’s high roller lifestyle. On her first night in the city, Alexis gets into trouble at a club but walks away from it with the help of Connor Vincent. Private security guard to the top gamblers, Connor is all charm with his clients, but he's the anti-Prince Charming when it comes to women. Connor doesn’t have time for romance. He has his own problems to deal with, including his wild card of a brother who has come to town to collect on a past debt.

Alexis and Connor's unlikely chemistry heats things up as chance again conspires to throw them together. The stakes become even higher when unexpected tragedy strikes Alexis’ family and when Connor’s brother threatens to ruin the life that Connor has worked so hard to build. To come out ahead of the game, Alexis must be brave enough to listen to her heart, Connor must finally face up to his past, and both must decide how much they're willing to lose.

Sometimes risking your heart is the biggest gamble of all.

Losing Enough is a New Adult Contemporary Romance.
I honestly adore Helen's earlier work, so I've become accustomed to what she's written, so while I read this book and got to the steamer parts of it id often forget that one of my favourite authors had written this. Id instantly turn red and say to myself holy crap who knew she had this in her. I'm not a newbie to the world of NA for I love Abbi Glines books, but still I was very shocked, but in a good way.
This novel proves that while she may have written YA that she can and has the capability to write different genres, beautifully so. It's so fluid and well put together it almost seemed easy for her to just switch. Her character's are so entertaining and exciting that you can't help but love Alex for her fieriness, Connor for his cool demeanour that melts you and for Elle's outrageous personality that seems so catchy.
I loved every moment of this novel, it's something new yet it's so very easy to fall in love with.  The plot will have you hooked and on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next. It's a must read for any type of reader out there. I honestly applauded Helen for her bold and brave move to write this amazing novel.
 I cannot wait to see what other written works she will throw our way and I know for certain I will be willing and waiting to devour any and all she has to write. This book deserves so much more then five stars, it's a breath of fresh air and brilliance. So why don't you take a walk on the wild side and partake in a little bit of Sin ;) who knows you might just enjoy it.

Congrats Helen on this amazing piece of work :)
Happy Readying :)
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