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Wednesday, 25 July 2012
People in this day and age spend too much time focusing on the lives of the "famous"crowd, instead of concentrating on whats going on in their own. If people stopped focusing so hard on other peoples life maybe things in this world would change, or maybe not but one never knows unless change is mad. Sure I'm like every other person on the planet i read my gossip magazines and love juicy relationship scandals lol after all i am only human:p. Biggest scandal hitting the news stands is Kristen Stewart has cheated on the love of her life Robert Pattinson......OH NO THE WORLD IS OFFICIALLY OVER.!!!!!hahah or so some people would like to think. I don't know why people are getting so upset about this and acting like it has ruined their lives. Some lady actually posted a video on YouTube yelling and getting frustrated because K-Stew cheated and how she is a terrible person and that people should be butting into their lives. Yet by posting this video she is doing exactly what she's complaining about, she is whining over other peoples lives whom she doesn't or will ever know. She literally cried tears over it, CRIED like seriously why!!on earth would you cry over something like that. People got to calm down when it comes to the celebrity lives and change their brain waves onto matters of the world that are more tragic then a teen breakup...