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Monday, 23 July 2012
Social networking is it really all that good for today's society? Or is it more of a hassle?. I guess the only way for one to have an opinion on such matter would have to explore different forms of it and experience it for them selves. Sometimes you just get pressured into join certain groups because your friends of co-works beg you too because apparently it's "to die for" or "you'll be so cool and down with the new trends". I'm one of those lovely sucks whom got suckered into join, Facebook, Twitter, Tagged and even started a blog lol. Not all of my experiences have been the greatest on most of those site but i did meet very interesting people out of it. Facebook to me is more of a place to keep in touch with certain people i care about and having a place for me to keep my pictures so I don't have to worry about losing them. Tagged well I don't really know what to say about that site lol except that it was very interesting and crazy, some people I've met on there i miss like my amazing Japanese friend Hiroshi..he was so adorable. My blog well most of the time I love it, I mean I pretty much get to say and express my self in any way I want to and its great. I don't really think lots of people read it but the ones that do I'm thankful for it :). Now Twitter one of the biggest trends have gotten me hooked lol. I tweet everyday friends think in the morning when I wake up and honestly I love it. I've met too great people on there with whom I love talking to. The are crazy and weird and so out there but I love it because I can associate my self with them and we always have something to talk about, whether it be about a book or movie or why the English and the French hate each other :P. I think being on the right social networking site can be a great thing in may way, you get to meet and learn different things from people from different walks of life. Getting to know my two new Twitter friends is great because i get to laugh and have fun and not really care what people think. Plus I get to hear about England and France more and make me more driven to get my shit together to travel one day :).