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Wednesday, 25 July 2012
Has the world really evolved since our early years or is now more primitive? This day in age we have developed better technology but at what cost? Sure medical development has never been better but at the same time more people now days are dying because of malnutrition and starvation. Technology may have advanced us in medical, but not all advancements are for the better. Now days weapons are more assessable and deadlier. Most country don't have any gun control nor does the government really care on that matter. Innocent blood is being shed all over the world every day. In the Middle East family are gunned down, people are blown up and families are ripped apart. Women have no rights and aren't free to be their own person. Children in Africa are still starving to death no matter how much effort the rest of the world puts in to help. It seems that the world has become more violent and chaotic thanks to new technology, people have become more selfish and cold towards the things that should matter. this world is in so much disarray and no one seems to really care or know how to help stop it. Look at what happened in Colorado, so many Innocent people where killed and injured, and it could have been some what prevented if there had been a law against purchasing so much ammunition and guns. Everything going on this world is saddening and tragic. It makes my heart hurt and really believe that no we haven't truly changed, we have only gotten worse and more barbaric.......