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Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Well today was quite the interesting day if I do say so my self. I don't think I've had this much fun in awhile lol..It's was round 2 for Patch in the YACrushTournament by blogger Amy. Let me just say that every TeamPatch member was on high alert today..Didn't fall asleep till five in the morning because i was too busy chatting away with Josh heheh and while doing so i kept checking on the happenings on Twitter and saw that the war against the AMAZING book characters had begone. So naturally i began my Patch is AWESOME campaign. My eyes were burning and tearing up but i kept at it for a bit. I perhaps got maybe if i was lucky 4 hours of sleep. When i work up a bit after nine I already have a bunch of Twitter messages from my fav girls Miss French and Miss Jen. With my eyes only half open i took a peak at what they had said, much to my horror my lovely Patch was losing to a stinking vampire, wth right...The whole day the girls and I kept finding way to cheat and be able to vote more for our fav FALLEN ANGEL. We were all on over drive and trying to think of ways to get him more vote from the rest of the fans. Well we didn't have to wait long for the answer because thanks to the AMAZINGLY AWESOME Becca Fitzpatrick she decided that the more vote her great character got the more money she would donate to children getting book. Honestly I think that's an amazing cause, because I believe that ever child in the world deserves to have the right to read and to learn how to read. Books are one of the strongest tools know to mankind. Without imagination and the power of books and the different worlds they transport us too, the world would be a very boring place. So thanks to her "push" Patch slowly started moving up in the polls. So me being semi creative made a picture to help the cause and because i posted it on FB on the Hush Hush site they took it and even mentioned me and on top of that Drew Doyon the Patch cover model shared it on his page. I was so incredibly touched that i tweeted to him. I never thought he would answer back but he totally did and i was in ah lol. Patches army was kicking some major ass that we ended up hitting the numbers of votes we had to so that Becca would donate YAY us!!The polls got close to each other that Miss Frenchy and I lost it a few times and lost it hahha and Miss Jen had to straighten us out hehehh. But in the end we all prevailed and Patch won the fight to go onto round 3. I'm so happy that I caved and joind Twitter because I met the most amazing people like Miss Frenchy, Miss British, Miss Jen , PatchesOtherGirl among others :) I've gotten tweets from my favourite authors and more. I don't think there could have been a better advocate for Patch, because Jen did an amazing job regardless if all of us fans helped her man win the match. I'm looking forward to round 3, it's going to be a nail bitter, have to work on my art work for it :)