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Thursday, 9 August 2012
I was never one to believe in God or heaven, but lately I've been really thinking about it. Who knows maybe it has to do with the books I read...Is good and evil so clear cut? or is it more grey, a thin line that sometimes people cross because they think they are doing good? I sometimes wonder if heaven exists does that mean hell does to? if so how is a decision made about who ends up were? Is there some sort of cosmic balance like the Egyptians believed in or something far greater? All questions that no one can truly answer until the day they die. I know so many people that believe in something greater then this life we live everyday until the day we perish. The thing is if God gave us free will does that mean he or she also gave the angels free will or are they more bound? MY mother and I got into a debate about such thoughts. She believes that when one dies their soul gets lifted to "paradise", but if you had a bad soul like say "Hitler" you are brought right back for a do over. She also believes that once up there you no longer feel deep all consuming love, nor fear or sorrow. I mean ya who doesn't want to be happy 24/7.  I don't know it's just so hard to imagine somewhere so perfect. I many not enjoy all of of my life and some of the events that have taken place but at the same time I cherish them. If you never experienced every emotion there is out there then you aren't really living. I can't say I 100% love her theory but there are really good points, it's just I don't know . I guess I have my own views on what I hope heaven 's like. Not quite sure what they are but I know it's somewhere inside me. Honestly lately I've felt closer to God and nature then ever before. The last questions that keeps spinning around in my mind is if heaven and hell are real that would mean God and Lucifer are real too. And if so that would mean God made him, for he was one of his angels right?, so there for in a way God would have helped in creating hell...That is of course the angels have free will like us. And if Lucifer is real, is his evil as clear cut as we think it is? Or is there a bigger reason for his existence? Who knows maybe God and him work together to keep a balance in the universe..!