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Wednesday, 23 January 2013
I have nothing but the utmost respect for authors. They work so hard at trying to bring their ideas to life, and sometimes people don't appreciate their hard work and just bash it, which I'm completely against. If you don't like a book you read don't bring the author down because it wasn't your taste. They have to find so many ways to keep their audience entertained and hooked. They always try to find new ways to add new plot twist, undertones and kept our interested piqued. That is not an easy task, I couldn't even imagine trying lol. They have to have both the knowledge and imagination to come up with such creative ideas. Authors have the power to take us to different lands, see different creatures and different worlds altogether. With their books they transport us to different eras and mysterious adventures. Reading a book gives you a mini vacation of sorts, you get to have a break from every day life and lose your self in the wonder of it all. It's so refreshing to leave the crazy mess behind for awhile and just indulge in your fantasies. Not only do our authors and our books give us a break they also teach us life lessons it's amazing!! I truly don't know how they take simple words use it in a sentence to squeeze out a masterpiece I'm in awe ^_^. Without writers we wouldn't have a lot of the stuff we have now, like tv shows or movies or just plain old knowledge. In a way authors are my celebrities, I'm more excited for a reply from them then I would be from a famous person working in the movie industry. They are my heroes, my mentors and my teachers and yes sometimes my therapist haha.