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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I don't think I have even gotten so many precious gifts in my life ^_^, nor have I ever gotten things from people whom I have never had the actual pleasure of meeting. I've received gifts from France, UK and the USA. When I had received my first gift from my friend Jen who lives in the USA I was so ecstatic, first piece of mail for me in a very long time :). The reason she sent me anything was because I helped promote Patch in the YA Tournament, it was very sweet of her. The second gift I received was a signed card from my friend Manon who lives in France. She went to meet Becca the author of Hush Hush and the creator of Patch. She asked her to sign something for all of us because she knew we couldn't meet her, and she got me one because she knew I would forget to ask her to personalise my signed copy of Finale. With the card she and her boyfriend enclosed a very sweet and funny note. My third Gift was from my friend Cara who lives in the UK, she wrote me a very touching letter, she sent a very beautiful card with a signed postcard from Lauren Kate , with a book mark from Alyson Noel. She also included a box of Cadbury chocolates because she wasn't sure we had them here in Canada hahah too funny yet very kind :). My fourth gift was from Jen, she had sent a few of us an Amazon gift card. Finally had to make an account on there haha , can't wait to use it :P . My fifth and final gift was sent to me by Manon and Mehdy for new years. The made me a homemade card of sorts with a message in the back for me ^_^ they also sent me a blue Eiffel Tower key chain. It's super cute, I can't wait to go see them next year it will be so much fun :). Little gifts like this I will always treasure because they are from the heart plus they are from some very incredibly amazing people. I can't wait till I can meet them all one day<3