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Monday, 2 May 2011
Im horrible i haven't blogged in days sorry :( been kinda busy with crap and ya too much on my mind lately to even put it in words that make sense. Hmm lets see whats new well..I've tried to get a hold of my uncle so i can get some info about places in T.O cuz i wanna go on a trip and get out of shittypeg and relax for a bit and breath. I need a break from everyone here and my job i need to de stress. Ive been freaking out cuz its been a week and my uncle still hadn't answered me and i was getting pissed but finally today i got a message from him wooohoo :). Now im hoping he will get back to me soon so that i can book stuff and get the hell out of here in July for a few days. I need to go have a chat with someone about shit thats stressing me and hopefully have a kick ass time with him too :P and make him happy and entertained while im there :P. What else is new? well tomorrow i start physio for my shoulders which im looking forward too cuz i dont want this stupid pain anymore i need sleep and im not getting much because of it ugh..Hmm well he who shall not be named finally got a phone teheheh so now i get to talk to him which is so effing nice. I missed talking to him on the phone even though hes always picking on me asshole :P been staying up late talking to him lol zombie like in the morning but thats ok its worth it in the end i think :P. I really need to see him and ugh ya..My dad is home and driving me nuts that i wanna jump off a bridge i swear lol ( k i really wouldnt jump of a bridge but you know what i mean)....Super pissed about Harper winning like WTF is wrong with Canada like really people do you want to end up like the States like come one fuck ugh people are so stupid never learning from their own damn mistakes Jesus....On top of that im worried for he who shall not me named for the crap he has to do tomorrow ugh really i wish it would all go away for him and his life could get back to normal and he could be somewhat happy again like fuck sakes why can't the world just let him be geez. I hope it goes well tomorrow and everything is fine...guess ill have to wait for his text to see ugh i love him and hate seeing him this way it makes me wanna punch someone in the face fuck ugh but ya thats all for now....