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Saturday, 14 May 2011
Thank god this rain has finally stopped and the sun is finally coming out. Enough with the emo weather i swear Winnipeg weather is bi-polar lol :P. I swear I'm in the best mood ever lately, work is finally going good. I'm having fun being a key holder and the night staff is awesome, having good times and laughing my ass off with these crazy ass kids :P. My bestie is effing amazing i swear i love her to death i don't know what i would do with out her in my life she is my rock :). For my two days off i walked my puppy and went over to her place and had a girls night. Brought a chick flick and popcorn and just chilled until she started to pass out hahaha. Then today we took a long ass walk and took my puppy to the vet to book a appointment and then went to the liquored mart cuz I've been dying for my drink lol. Met some pretty awesome people on my way home, all of which had dogs. I swear people who have dogs or any pet for that matter is way friendlier or maybe I'm just starting to open my eyes to the world and letting my self go free. This one guy let his dog come play with Shadow for a bit, he was so sweet and told me hes been biking for miles with his dog and ya he was pretty cool then he offered Shadow a drink which was good cuz my poor boy was thirsty. Then all three of us ( me, shadow and my bestie) walked home. Then vacated to sun room once home and chilled with my bestie and talked and drank some booze lol. I probably should have drank so fast lol got a buzz but it was a nice feeling. Opened my eyes to so much stuff. Life isn't so bad once you open up and see what you have, that's what i finally did and i believe that there is something amazing waiting out there for me and i will find it :) life is wonderful and its time to stop looking at in a negative way. I'm happy to have what i have, enough being sad over stuff i don't, i never gets anyone anywhere in life. I'm so fricking happy that I'm blasting music while i shower and sing my heart out and dance like crazy. I'm 21 its time to start living my life instead of living it through someone else....... Thank you to everyone who hasn't given up on me and stayed by my side no matter what i love you all :) xoxoxoxoxoxo