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Thursday, 26 May 2011
Ugh seriously sorry i haven't blogged in a week, my head has been all over the place lately sorry :(. I've had so much I've been wanting to blog but just didn't know how to put it down in words and I've had other reasons for not coming on here....So I've been super busy with work, my shifts are so messed up right now and the other day I had to work a 11 hour shift because some people i work with are to fucken lazy to learn how to do their goddamn job so i had to be woken up which by the way totally sucked because it was the first time in what three Weeks that I've been able to sleep...I've been working my ass off in a zombie state of mind thanks to ZERO amount of sleep thanks to stupid dreams i'd rather not have about fucken people that should clearly be out of my goddamn mind by now but nope my subconsciousness apparently hates me at night thanks alot brain..I swear though if its not stupid retarded dreams that are keeping me up its stupid guys calling me at six in the damn morning like really why..What ever i'm just hoping as the weeks go by my brain will forget the past forever and i'll be able to sleep again and not have any sorta pain in my chest even though it hasnt really surfaced which is awesome i must say im being much stronger then I thought i would be :) go me hehehehe. I just wish i could figure out how to stop following a blog ugh ive been trying for weeks to figure it out, i bet that person thinks im a creeper or some shit hahha the funny thing is i dont wanna see the crap anymore because its gonna bring me nothing in the end right :P. So as an awesome distraction i've gotten into my anime again lol im hooked again which is ok with me because i kinda missed it so ya, ive been doing a lot of reading and crap and now so disappointed with it because they brought my fav character back from the dead which is awesome but not at the same time because now hes being controlled and is make of clay :( so cant wait to see how the story is going to unfold. What else have i been up to well then let me think....hmmmmmmmmmmm OH monday me and my bestie went to the mall to go and get Lady GaGa's new cd which rocks by the way so bought the extended edition heheheh. Then we left HMV satisfied we went to movies to watch the new Pirates movie which was ok still not as good as the first two though. Oh and now I have a new phone and number which im so effing happy about YAY i finally got my blackbarry and its a nice dark purple to ugh i love my phone its my baby lol :P now i wont have stupid people calling me at six anymore :).But so far i think thats really all i have to say at the moment im kinda tired and ya anyways people or the one person i think reads this sorry and hope to have to write you all xoxoxoxoox