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Wednesday, 27 April 2011
Have you ever sat down and just thought to your self you felt out of place like you lived in the wrong time period, the wrong century? I have, i wish you could turn back time and live in a different time just to see how it was back then and see if it was better then how the world is now. Id love to go to a time where men looked like men, they wore top hats, open doors for you and wrote you letters. When men had to court you and show you respect, when they had to ask your father for your hand in marriage. It be a nice change from the guy that show no respect for girls anymore. Some guys you can't even tell if they are a guy or not, the one good thing about the new days is that gays are accepted more now and back in the day they weren't, they where shunned or even killed, many had to hid it and marry a women and pretend to be happy and thats no way to live a life. It would be nice to be back in a time when family meant something, when mom's stayed home and fathers came home after work and spent time with the family after a long day. When families would take vacations together or simply go out together...those days are long dead, i dont remember the last time all the family has been together, heck i don't talk to half of my family because they are just to busy and don't give a shit about us...It would be nice to see a time when pictures where in black and white and poor people where happy even if they didnt have what everyone else did. When it wasn't all about money and material things, where computers didn't exists and you had to write a letter to get a message to someone. A time when you got all dressed up to go to a ball and flirt and have fun, not go to clubs and look like sluts and hook up with just about anyone. A time when people got together and had fun, a time when you wanted to listen to music you either had to play and instrument or use a Berliner Gramophone to play music. I can picture in my head how it must have been to dress up in a dress everyday and feel free and fancy...It seems like such a magical time one that should come back but sadly technology has ruined this world, people are greedy now and just don't care anymore....