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Thursday, 14 April 2011
This life is supposed to be the best thing there is, that your supposed to be glad and thankful that your alive every single day. The thing is what if you feel so dead inside that you secretly wish you where dead so you wouldn't have to feel anymore. No more pain or sadness, no more hole in your chest. Ya people may say to me oh get over it, it's not the end of the world but sorry guys but to me it does...How can you even live when you don't feel like your even alive most days, like your walking around in a crowded room and no one knows your even there..I thought i was getting better but im not im drowning in emotions, emotions i caused because i was stupid fml..i seriously wish there was a way you could replace your heart and forget the things that are killing you. i wanna rip mine out of me right now and never look at it again because really thats the only thing i can think of doing to get better and start living....i cant breath or think or sleep, i feel sick very day...god damn it what is wrong with me i think i need help maybe i should go see a shrink maybe it will help me.....