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Saturday, 16 April 2011
I wish for one more day with you. If I had any wish at all, I'd wish to see you one last time. If I knew I was about to die because of a sickness and was granted one wish it would be to be flown to where ever you are. I'd love to spend one more day just lost inside of you, to forget the past and just focus on that one small moment. I wish I could have your arms wrapped around me holding me tight to you making me feel so loved in that one instant. I want to look into those troubled yet beautiful brown eyes of yours and be lost in the wonders of them. I want to ruffle you hair and hear you laugh again and hear you be joyful. I wanna feel your heart beating beneath my hand while you sleep. I wanna touch that scruffy face of yours that I Love so much and see you smile back. Id love to brush my lips against your just once more. I wish I could take away your pain and make things right for you. I hate seeing you suffer so. I want to see you happy even if it's not with me. I'd sacrifice my heart and happiness just to see you happy and living. I couldn't even imagine a life without you in it. You're broken and troubled but very loved by people that you don't even realize do. My wish would be for you to be happy in life and for you to not listen too all those fools who keep trying to bring you down. You are strong just believe in your self and you can do anything in life. I believe in you and always will even if the rest of the world gives up on you. You have the power to change peoples lives and I would know because you have forever changed mine :).....just have a little faith in your self...