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Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Can you close your eyes and picture exactly how the best day of your life was like and remember ever detail that if you painted a picture of it, it be so vibrant and tangible you'd feel like you could step right through it and go back to that day. I remember mine so very well that my friends all say i could right a book thats how well i remember it..It was February of last year, my mom bought me a plane ticket to Toronto to go see the King Tut exhibition they where having. My uncle decide to put me up in a hotel downtown so i'd be close to everything and that way he wouldn't have to put up with me at his place lol. It was my last day in Toronto and it was snowing woohoo on my last day of all days right :(, anyways my uncle asked me if i wanted to go for lunch before he had to go to work so i met up with him at Starbucks across the street from my hotel. We decide to go eat lunch at the restaurant in the Eton Center. While we ate lunch he kept asking me what time i was going to see my friend Steve, so i kept texting him to ask when he was going to meet up with me so my uncle would leave me the hell alone lol but i think i was getting on Steve's nerves lol my bad..So after we finished eating my uncle left for work and I decided to walk around the mall for a bit but got bored and i was sleepy so walked back to my hotel after it took me a while to find my way back frick i couldnt see anything in front of me thanks to the stupid snow...When i got back to my hotel i tried to pass out for a bit but i was so restless and i dont know why..I was just chilling in bed when my phone buzzed and i jumped at it. He texed to tell me he was on his way and my heart just started racing and i was thinking to my self ugh why am i getting excited im supposed to be mad at him. So i jumped out of bed put on my fav pair of jeans the ones i thought my ass looked hot in lol , did my hair and my make up yet again and tried to make my self look so pretty ugh :P He text to let me know he wasnt far away so i told him to meet me in the lobby, so i took the elevator and waited for him to show up...The moment i saw him crossing the street my heart stopped and my breath caught in my throat, i was like to my self i am so FUCKED...He crosses the street and pulls out his phone to text me to let me know hes here but lol i was already outside by the time he sent it :P surprise :P He just gave a look that said well that was fast. God he looked so good even in person ugh lol. So we decided to go to the movies, which i had to remember what way to go cuz he had no idea lol. Ofcourse it had to be super slushy and slippery that night right, so ofcourse i fell on my ass right in front of him, man did i wanna die right then and there:(, im just so glad he did not laugh at me. The whole way to the theater i had to keep grabbing on to him so i wouldnt fall,which i was totally ok with lol it was a good excuse to be close to him :P. When we finally made it in one peice to the movies, he was so sweet and opened the door for me which i'm so not used too. We decided to see the Wolfman cuz that was pretty much the only movie I hadn't seen yet. So he bought hes ticket and im just standing in line like an idiot while he starts walking towards the escalators lol, he turned around and says to me "what are you doing arent you coming?" and i'm like "umm I have to buy my ticket..." he's like "I have your ticket right here". im like dang surprised my face didnt turn red :P. So when i make it to the escalator with him i'm holding on to the railing for dear life cuz i hate heights, ofcourse he was getting a good laugh out of it. We where both hungry so we got New York fries to eat, even though i was kinda nervous so i didnt really want to eat even though my tummy was telling me too. So we went to sit on a bench like couch to eat and him being him forgot stupid napkins and he was making a mess with his poutin :P so i got off my ass to get him some:P. It was so funny cuz we where just talking when i turned to him and said " your computer self sucks just so you know, you in person is way better" :P im too honest with him i swear.....Finally we could go to our seats and man was it dead in there. We sat in the top row and talked through out the whole fricken movie, while in my head i was like god i wanna kiss him so badly right now ugh but no i can't we are just friends frick ugh lol :p. This one part of the movie made me jump ugh i felt so silly, he just sat there giggling at me lol fricken jerk:P. When the movie was done i had to pee so bad so i gave him my drink to hold onto while i went to the washroom. After i was done we left and i told him i was going to break my mothers rule and invite him into my hotel room lol, we had no where else to go cuz everything was closed and our feet where soaked. My crappy ass cheap boots and his shoes with holes in them :p. So when we got to the hotel i called my mom to let her know i was safe and that things went well and that he left tehehe but that so wasnt true cuz he was right beside me :P, im horrible i know. I told him to keep quite while i was on the phone and i tried so hard not to laugh :P. After the call we just sat there all awkward and quite then i said to him " you didnt give me my hug like you said you would lol" and he's" neither did you" so he gave me side hug cuz he was sitting down lol, in my head i was like YAY :P. We chatted and had a pillow fight teheheh and then i hid under the covers cuz im cool like that lol. After all the silliness and his shyness which was so cute :), we layed down and he started to play with my ring and i was like " what are you doing? you having fun playing with my ring" he smiles at me and say's " well i need and excuse to hold your hand" insta red i tell you...I looked at him and i was like " i wanna kiss you" and he's like "go for it" so i did i kissed him, god did it felt so good to. I just laid there with him for a bit but was starting to dose off so i told him i had to get up early cuz my plane comes at 6 am and it was already 2am so ya. He got dressed and i hugged the crap out of him, i just didnt wanna let go of him. Not even 10 minutes after he left the fire alarm went off in the hotel so i had to run and through some clothing on cuz all i was wearing was a t-shirt lol. I had to run down 23 flights of stairs that was so not fun. When i got outside i called him 6 times before he picked up and asked him if he was far from the hotel and he said no and i told him what happened, he asked me if i wanted him to come back and i said only if he wanted to and he said i didnt want to leave in the first place (aww right :). So i waited in the lobby for him to get there. I was so happy yo see him lol even though i was pretty shaken up about the whole thing. When we got back to the room we just crashed on the bed, and discovered that the white sheets wherent so white anymore lol..His stupid rodgers shit was staining the bedding hahah, so i had to put down my purple blanked on top so he could laid down on it:P. Then we both programed our phones to go off at the same time so i could get ready to leave in a few hours. After awhile i was freezing so i let him go and went under the covers, he didnt like that lol so i told him well he could just get rid of the problem then he could join me lol but ofcourse i didnt wanna tell him to take off his shirt so he kept kissing me until i would so i told him and he was like was that so hard and then took it off lol me being me didnt even look at him lol. Then he crawled in beside me and yanked me onto of him. God i was so comfy, he was so soft and it was nice to listen to his heart beating while i tried to sleep. He kept putting his chine down so i would lift my head and he's kiss me teheheh. When the alarms went off i didnt wanna get out of bed but sadly i had too :(, i didnt have time to shower i felt so gross and tired so i through my hair into a ponytail and called it a day. The part that was going to be interesting was going down in the morning with Steve beside me to meet my uncle in front of the hotel. Let me tell you it was so awkward, they shook

hands and then i hugged him for like the tenth billionth time and then my uncle took off to the car with my bags so i turned to Steve and planted one on him :P.....there is so much more to this story but its so hard to but it all down in words....That was the best day of my life, i wish i could have that night every night, that night i fell more in love with him then i already was. I never though i could have met someone who could mean so much to me that id do anything for them. He frustrates me to no end, pisses me off, makes me wanna beat his head in half the time, but i wouldnt trade him in for any other guy. I love him no matter what happens in the future whether we are together or not, hes like first true love and even if i meet someone else they will never be him. A part of me will always love him no matter what life brings us....I LOVE YOU.......................