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Saturday, 23 April 2011
So me and megz went to the movies yesterday for my b-day and saw Water for Elephants. I was a little sceptic about seeing it just because i had read the book and usually when that happens i end up hating the movie ( twilight) lol. But no this movie was good, so cute, it wasn't that close to the book but i think they did a pretty good job keeping the story line close. When the end of the movie was coming up me and megz got all teary eyed lol we are such big saps i swear lol. Probably doesn't help that every stinking time a see a movie with rob in it i miss he who shall not be named more damn it. but anyways when we left i grabbed one of those movie magazines that they always have there and flipped through it when i got home and discovered something....Rob is going to be in T.O this summer so not cool, not we are both bummed out cuz me and her where supposed to go but aren't and now we really want to go cuz we want to see him...ugh drool lol hes so hot haha id rape him k lol im not the only one that would megz would too. :P. Rape him with our eyes hahahhhaha :p ah the things my friend says :P but ya its so not fair cuz if we knew before he was going to be there we so wouldn't have canceled our plans this is bunk....