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Saturday, 2 April 2011

I woke up this morning so refreshed, feeling so much better thank god :)i finally realise women what is wrong with you, you saved your self from a stupid guy who cant do anything with his life and who isnt trying to prove anyone wrong when they say things like that to him. Im so done with stupid guys who keep blaming their childhood on how they are now, life is what you make of it now. Learn from what happened and do better instead of re living the past cuz its not gonna get you anywhere in life. Its time for me to change and not keep trying to build up the guys i know. I'm done with that, i want a real man who knows who he is and what he wants. Im done time to let go and forget the lies that where said and move on to a better future :). Any who...I feel super bad for my brother cuz things with his girlfriend arent going so well and it sucks, i know im not a big fan of her and think he deserves someone so much better but i dont like seeing him sad it sucks. Its not like i can go see him and cheer him up cuz he lives to far damn it :(. I'm just hoping things for him get better soon....What else is there thats new well hmm I love Michel from work lol god I love that kid he so makes my day at work hes the best i so wanna pinch his little cheeks lol. So adorable i swear, hes so smart for a 18 year old boy lol, ill miss him when I leave work cuz hes awesome and ive been working with him for like two and a half years. He told me how he met his girlfriend and it was such a cute story :) they are super cute together its awesome. I went to the circus tonight which was ok a little disappointing but I still had lots of fun with my friend. Bought a light sword and a jester hat lol so kool right :P. But there was this brat sitting in front of me and he totally sticked out his tongue at me and gave me the seriously kids are evil lol....but thats it for now im tired and i shall go pass out now so night to all my readers :)