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Saturday, 16 April 2011
I swear can anything else go wrong this week I'd like to know. First off I've been feeling super sick for four days straight thinking it might be because of my new birth control. I've been throwing up having the shits like really. I had to miss work because of it ugh. And now yesterday when I finally decide ok I'm not feeling so sick I can go back to work well Frick I should have just stayed in bed. I got ready for work in record time for once I wasn't running behind on time. I get to work almost no one is talking to me guess it's because I wasn't there for to days I don't know whatever fuck. So I put my stuff away count the tills and the start counting inventory then I get interrupted so I can go and get king size chocolate for the front. Of course the bars I need where down aisle six where they don't belong and where piled with boxes onto of them. So I grabbed my friend and asked her to help me. When I went to reach for the box that was way up high I guess I pulled something because I felt shooting pain down my neck and left shoulder. Tears just pored out of my eyes fuck did it hurt. I got off the ladder and went and sat down. My manager told me to go home so I packed up and headed home which was painful trying to put my jacket on and walk home. When I got home my mom called my doc and got me an appointment for two thirty. When I got to the docs they examined me and told me that I sprained a neck muscle and my rotary muscle in my left shoulder. Isn't that bloody fanfuckentastic. So now I cant really move my neck or yawn because it hurts like a bitch. And now on top of everything else my ears are hurting. I think they might be infected isn't that lovely. Can this month/year end please and thank you....