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Wednesday, 20 April 2011
What the hell is wrong with me. I keep digging this whole and emptiness bigger and bigger every fucken day I talk to him. I swore to my self I was never going to let him back in but no, he has to say stupid shit again to get me to start thinking again just maybe. I don't know why I punish my self like really can't I see that he misses her and wants her even if he says he won't once everything is done. That's total bull shit because if it where true why blog about how much you miss them and crap. Fuck me I feel so stupid, I'd give the whole fucken world to this guy and for what just so he can Tare me down and damage me more then he already has. Fuck my life, why am I so stupid to keep believing he means what he says. I fucken feel like a back up plan ugh. Why god do I do this why fuck fuck fuck........why can't I just open my eyes and see the truth ugh..